Math on your Menu: Juliano’s Pizzeria

This collection of print media was designed for our community partner Juliano’s Pizzeria.

Media Kit Contents:

  • Pizza-themed printable food cutouts
  • Math on your Menu game cards
  • Hostess station welcome sign

What we did:

  1. Print game cards
  2. Print and cut out food images
  3. Mix and match food cutouts and slice pizzas in different ways to create interest
  4. Arrange printables and game cards together to create different versions of How Many?, Which One Doesn’t Belong?, Same or Different?, and Find this Many
  5. Place the games at different tables (in our case under a plexiglass tabletop)
  6. Print welcome sign and place it at the hostess station

Use our media kit to create your own Math on your Menu experience. Then share what you did with us @mathanywhere.

Download Media Kit

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