Learning isn’t Linear

Learning isn’t Linear

This is Bea. On top of the slide. Bea made it to the top of the slide by walking up the slide itself, the "wrong" direction, as most children like to go. Another detail to know about Bea is that she just turned one-year-old. Oh, and- she's not walking on her own, yet....

Big Eyes and the Element of Surprise

To market anything to the 10 and under crowd these days all you need to do is add some big eyes and the element of surprise. For my son (10) and my niece (8) this holiday Harry Potter Mystery Mini-figures became the obsession. With one figure each in hand we started...

Noticing Math Noticings

Do you remember your child’s first word? Or maybe you’ve heard about the first words you used early on in life? My parents tell me the first sentence I uttered from my high-chair was “Hi, man! Or was that a woman?” as a neighbor with flowing 80’s metal hair passed by...

16 Cents a Day

When my son asks a math related question like, “How much longer until we get there?” or “How many baseball cards are in the whole box?” I do the good teacher-mom thing and come right back at him with the same question: “I don’t know, how could we figure it out?”...

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2 months ago
How many? Same or different? Math in the play yard. https://t.co/SU4yH8WHXo mathanywhere photo
2 months ago
Can't wait for this neighborhood #publicmath day! A community effort has led to a diverse group of businesses participating in this first time event. Follow the posters to find playful math activities! https://t.co/I8OivTnunG mathanywhere photo