Math at the Movies- at Home!

Math at the Movies- at Home!

At Math Anywhere! our projects invite math conversations into the spaces families go. Our Math at the Movies slides were designed to scroll across the big screen and engage a theater audience. With families now staying home to watch there is no reason we can’t bring...

What Repeats?

Patterns are everywhere! The game What Repeats? is a great game for young children and older kids as well. Patterns are abundant in nature (and within our own bodies), but they are especially noticeable in man-made objects. Take the image above, for example, and...

Find This Many & The Number Game

The game Find This Many is like the scavenger hunt version of How Many?. Instead of asking the open-ended, how many?, you can ask kids to find a specific quantity or value. When playing with toddlers and preschool kids, for the image above, I might say: I see two...

Find Shapes

The game Find Shapes is a pretty simple one that young children tend to play naturally when they start learning shape names. Shapes are particularly in abundance in man-made settings, but they are often found in nature too. Take the image above, for example, and Find...

Same or Different?

"You like 'poTAYtoes', and I like 'poTAHtoes', you like 'toMAYtoes', and I like 'toMAHtoes'..." Sorry, I couldn't resist. The game Same or Different? is one of the easiest games to understand and immediately play because we humans play it constantly without realizing...

How Many?

The game How Many? is such a versatile one because of its seeming simplicity. You can ask this question of just about anything. That simple question has so many hidden depths of possibility though. Take the image above: How many ways can you answer "How Many?"? The...

Which One Doesn’t Belong?

When I was first brought on to help with materials for the Math Anywhere project a couple of years ago, it took me a while to wrap my head around the math games. When I was growing up, math was something scary that you did in school under the supervision of a...

It’s not greed, it’s math

It’s almost Christmastime in my household of six, and I’ve noticed lots of spontaneous math happening around our Christmas tree, since I’ve been slowly adding presents at night as I wrap them. “Whoa! This present is HUGE! It’s for me! Mine’s the biggest!” “Look at...

Learning isn’t Linear

This is Bea. On top of the slide. Bea made it to the top of the slide by walking up the slide itself, the "wrong" direction, as most children like to go. Another detail to know about Bea is that she just turned one-year-old. Oh, and- she's not walking on her own, yet....

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3 weeks ago
Searching for quantities can be surprisingly fun!

Home-printer friendly versions of The Number Game found here:
1 month ago
Math in your snack pack! Let’s make @cheezit numbers happen!

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Public Math @Public_Math
Twitter, we need your help!

We have an idea for @cheezit but they cannot accept confidential ideas, so we have to make it public.

Check out the thread and let them know that you want to live in a world where mathematical CHEEZ-ITS exist. 📢