Math at the Movies


YouTube Playlist

Want to play a little movie math while popping popcorn at home or in the classroom? Check out our pre-made reels with sound!

Slides for Movie Theaters

This collection of slides was designed for the promotional reel in a movie theater. There are two downloads, due to the large size of the files. Download both for the complete collection of all eight games. What to do:

  1. Choose which games you want to include in your promotional reel
  2. Use the numbers of the PNG files to create a slideshow clip, or simply use the slides
  3. Insert the clips/slides between ads

Use our media kit to create your own Math at the Movies experience. Then share what you did with us @mathanywhere.


Math Play + Community Partners = Math Everywhere!

Community partners are an important part of helping spread the math fun anywhere–whether they are in our backyard or across the country. We work with each community partner to tailor our materials to fit the space, event or project.

Become a partner

Would you like to to partner with us for fun math thinking in your business or organization? We love making themed materials for spaces in our community! Email us to learn more.