Clark PUD Home & Garden Idea Fair

Clark PUD partnered with us in April 2019 for their Home & Garden Idea Fair. Volunteers from Clark County Leadership staffed the booth, and Clark PUD provided a smart screen monitor for us to play our How-To videos in the background. We created garden-themed postcard games for the younger audience and The Number Game scavenger hunt sheets for older kids.

The media kit includes one PDF for printing the postcards 4-up and a PDF of the two-sided Number Game printed 2-up and bound into a pad. Use our media kit to create your own Math in the Garden experience by replacing the Clark PUD logo with your own. Then share what you did with us @mathanywhere.

Home & Garden Fair Media Kit

Math Play + Community Partners = Math Everywhere!

Community partners are an important part of helping spread the math fun anywhere–whether they are in our backyard or across the country. We work with each community partner to tailor our materials to fit the space, event or project.

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